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Sunday, August 20, 2006

Final Reflection

This module is a challenging one and I do learn a lot from it. I would like to summarize what I have learnt during these months.
  • The use of BLOG
    BLOG act as a learning platform for us. We can show what we have learnt, share ideas and experiences among other through this powerful platform. Many colleagues have given me valuable ideas and suggestions and I would like to thank all of them.
    Also, I learn a lot from other colleagues work. Many of their work is excellent and make me force myself to do better.

  • Weekly Task
    To be honest, I am a lazy student and always do my homework at last minute. I love the weekly task because I have to learn something, do something and show what I have done before the following lesson. I can keep on learning new things throughout this module. Among all the tasks that I have done, I love PhotoStory most!

  • Importance of Visual Representation
    I know it is important for me to deliver information and knowledge to students effectively, but how? Just talking? Talk and chalk? Using IT? … … …
    We can deliver information and knowledge to our students effectively only if we know how human learn and how to represent information and knowledge visually and interactively, proficient IT skills are also preferred. I do think quality of my teaching can be improved if I can implement interactive visual representations.

This course arouses my interest in visual representation and different kinds of IT tools. I hope I can study these topic by myself if I have time!^_^


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