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Monday, July 31, 2006

Beijing's Trip ~ Share With You

I've been to Beijing for five days with nearly 400 secondary students and teachers last week. I've visited many places and I enjoyed the trip a lot.

I visited Beijing Spacecrafts (北京衛星製造廠) on the second day of my trip. Satellites and spaceship manufactured by China was displayed there. The tour guide told us an interesting story and I would like to share with you.

"Visiting the Moon" is the dream of many people from worldwide. Various kinds of method were used by different people to achieve the dream. One day a man tied himself on a chair with two kites at the front and a bundle of explosives at the back. He asked his servant to light the explosives and thought that he could fly up to the Moon… … Certainly, the man died and he visited the heaven instead of the Moon!

Some images appeared in my mind during the story-telling time and it was the images not the story stayed in my mind.

I visited China Science and Technology Museum (中國科學技術館) the next day and I found an interesting model. Yes, the model visualizes the story that I heard the day before! People may not know what the model is about if they haven't heard the story before. The model does help me understand the story better.

This experience makes me realize the importance of visual aids and verbal instruction in learning and teaching. Students can learn better if lessons are carefully designed and different kinds of medium were used as teaching aids. With the help of ICT, learning and teaching resources can be organized and presented in a more effective way. Thus, quality of teaching and learning can be enhanced.


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